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Who is Dutch-Drill-Supply?

Dutch-Drill-Supply is a supplier of machines and tools that are used in vertical drilling and HDD drilling.

We are an accessible company that manufactures, sells, maintains and rents products and machines with the end user in mind.

Our team and collaborating companies have extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing drilling machines and peripheral equipment.

Together with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of vertical and horizontal drilling, we are your ideal partner!


Thanks to our many years of experience in the field as a driller and engineer in the construction of drilling machines, we have bundled our knowledge and expertise.

This allows us to unburden you as a customer because we know how it works.

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Our machines and tools are built entirely in-house as a Dutch-quality product, and we are proud of it!

Our products that we do not manufacture ourselves meet the highest quality standards and user requirements as intended.


Maatwerk is innoveren om voor u als kant het beste uit zijn equipment te halen. Dit kan de boormachines zijn of de zuigkorf  met slimme voorzieningen, voor ons maakt het geen verschil. Maatwerk is daardoor ook vooruitgang in gebruikers gemak wat zich terugbetaald in een hogere efficiency en productie.

In addition to our own products, we are dealers of:

With Massenza we supply  drilling rigs for every drilling method and application

With Häny we supply colloidal mixers for geothermal drilling applications

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Adres:                    Edisonstraat 47

                                 6604 BT Wijchen

Telefoon:              +31 (0)24-7200870 / 0655188220

E-mail:                   info@dutch-drill-supply.nl